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Magna I Orrery


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Activate the wonder of science in you with this delightful model. By turning the wheel, gears turn one another to make the planets spin. This engineered design is a welcome way of centering yourself while thinking, and rewarding to spin the wheel. The wood work integrates science and engineering with the gentle texture of wood.

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Engineered for smooth movement. Note that since the mechanism is completely made from wood, it does not run silently, there are audible clicks and clacks and gear and cams grinding noises.

Each tellurium/orrery is made from untreated wood and both custom designed and hand-crafted locally in a small American town. Slight variation may be present as all products are made from wood and are hand-crafted. Both Vlad's Lab and its suppliers are family-run small business.

Thank you for supporting small family-run businesses, and for being a socially conscious and socially responsible consumer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Locally sourced

We get our materials from small US based wood mills. Almost everything used in production, from our machines down to our packing tape, comes from US based businesses.

Environmentally friendly

Purchasing long lasting wooden products helps in sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. All packaging materials are produced in-house and are made from recyclable materials.

Family owned

We are a husband-wife team. We created all the designs, drawings and techniques for crafting all of our products. We make, pack and ship every item ourselves and we hope to pass that onto the next generation.