July 2024 Bulk order


July 2024 Bulk order


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Bee Tea Candle Lantern - 10 x $4.89

Animal Shape Puzzle - 20 x $14.68

Mandala inspired LED candle holder Small - 25 x $4.89 

Mandala inspired LED candle holder Large - 25 x $5.87

Sun tea candle lantern - 5 x $4.89

Layered wooden lantern - 5 x $16.15


Total - $716.70

Frequently Asked Questions

Locally sourced

We get our materials from small US based wood mills. Almost everything used in production, from our machines down to our packing tape, comes from US based businesses.

Environmentally friendly

Purchasing long lasting wooden products helps in sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. All packaging materials are produced in-house and are made from recyclable materials.

Family owned

We are a husband-wife team. We created all the designs, drawings and techniques for crafting all of our products. We make, pack and ship every item ourselves and we hope to pass that onto the next generation.